sabato 19 dicembre 2015

rmx-s-brain: working like a radio, deep inside and in the "zona incerta"

<< (...) central thalamus works like a radio dial that tunes the brain to different states of activity and arousal >>

<< Located deep inside the brain the thalamus acts as a relay station sending neural signals from the body to the cortex >>

<< High frequency stimulation of 40 or 100 pulses per second [ flashed laser pulses ]    woke rats. In contrast, low frequency stimulation of 10 pulses per second sent rats into a state reminiscent of absence seizures that caused them to stiffen and stare before returning to sleep >>

<< Damage to neurons in the central part of the thalamus may lead to problems with sleep, attention, and memory >>

Jia Liu, Hyun Joo Lee, et al. Frequency-selective control of cortical and subcortical networks by central thalamus. eLife, 2015; 4 DOI: 10.7554/eLife.09215

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