venerdì 22 gennaio 2016

# e-sec: Sun Tzu style: unpredictable (chaotic) environment to defending cpu from cyber-attacks

<< We want our computers to perform the way we expect. But what if the key to defeating malware is introducing a bit of chaos? >>

<< Programs you know and trust could be approved to run in a standard environment where they'll function normally, while detected malware are sequestered in a third environment, called deceptive. Instead of squashing them immediately, Chameleon would let the malicious processes continue to work in a façade environment while collecting information that can be used to understand and defeat them >>

<< Predictable computer systems make life too easy for attackers >>

Alisson Clark, January 21, 2016

l'approccio "Sun Tzu  style" benche' antico sembrerebbe funzionale anche nell'ambito della sicurezza informatica ... quando le grandi idee ciclicamente riemergono dirompenti ...

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