mercoledì 13 gennaio 2016

# rmx-s-behav: a bizarre paddle game (about safety waves ...)

<< Males of a newly discovered species of jumping spider [Jotus remus] spend hours waving special paddle-shaped legs at prospective mates, in an effort to copulate without being attacked – or even eaten.

Mating can potentially cost you your life if you are a male spider. To avoid becoming lunch, Jotus remus plays a game first to tire out hungry females >>

Jürgen  C.  Otto, David  E.  Hill. Males  of  a  new  species  of  Jotus  from  Australia  wave  a  paddle-shaped lure  to  solicit  nearby  females  (AraneaeSalticidaeEuophryini). PECKHAMIA 133.1, 7 January 2016,  1―39    (registered  6  JAN  2016) 1 ISSN  2161―8526 (print) ISSN  1944―8120 (online)

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