lunedì 29 febbraio 2016

# img: synchronous fireflies

<< I took this photo of fireflies (lightning bugs) in almost complete darkness using the latest low-light camera technology. I was completely surrounded by the fireflies and witnessed one of the most amazing and magical natural phenomena: fireflies that synchronize.>>

Radim Schreiber, 13th Annual Photo Contest

Catie Leary. Wildlife photography shines in Smithsonian's annual photo contest. February 29, 2016, 6:45 a.m.

# rmx-s-behav: echoes from the Cambrian explosion

<< these early arthropods displayed such sophisticated predatory behavior >>

Jeff Sossamon, Feb. 16, 2016

<< What  she  found  was  that  the  trilobite  traces  intersected  the  worm  burrows  more  often  than  would  be expected  by  random  chance.  The  fossils  also  show  evidence  that  suggests  the  trilobites  were  selective in  hunting  their  preypreferring  smaller  wormsand  that  trilobites  attacked  their  prey  at  low  angles  more frequently  than  expectedimproving  their  chances  of  grabbing  onto  and  handling  their  prey  >>

Jordan Yount, Friday, January 29, 2016.

Tara Selly, John Warren Huntley, et al. Ichnofossil record of selective predation by Cambrian trilobites. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology. 15 Feb. 2016, Vol.444:28–38, doi:10.1016/j.palaeo.2015.11.033

sabato 27 febbraio 2016

# n-ethno: dancing to the tailored predat ... solution

<< A number of recent studies suggest that dressing up for work in a suit or blazer could do wonders for an employee’s productivity, whether going into a negotiation, making a sales call or even participating in a videoconference with business associates >>

Ray A. Smith. Why Dressing for Success Leads to Success New research shows that when workers wear nicer clothes, they achieve more. Feb. 21, 2016 10:05 p.m. ET

<< Wearing more formal clothing was associated with higher action identification level (Study 1) and greater category inclusiveness (Study 2). Putting on formal clothing induced greater category inclusiveness (Study 3) and enhanced a global processing advantage (Study 4). The association between clothing formality and abstract processing was mediated by felt power (Study 5). The findings demonstrate that the nature of an everyday and ecologically valid experience, the clothing worn, influences cognition broadly, impacting the processing style that changes how objects, people, and events are construed. >>

Michael L. Slepian, Simon N. Ferber, et al. The Cognitive Consequences of Formal Clothing. Social Psychological and Personality Science August 2015 vol. 6 no. 6 661-668. doi: 10.1177/1948550615579462

venerdì 26 febbraio 2016

# n-ethno: leadership obsession: “The West Wing” vs “House of Cards”

<< In “Leadership BS” a book published last year, Jeffrey Pfeffer, a professor at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, identifies five virtues that are almost universally praised by popular leadership writers—modesty, authenticity, truthfulness, trustworthiness, and selflessness—and argues that most real-world leaders ignore these virtues. (If anything, they tend to be narcissistic, back-stabbing, self-promoting shape-shifters.) To Pfeffer, the leadership industry is Orwellian. Its cumulative effect is to obscure the degree to which companies are poorly and selfishly run for the benefit of the powerful people in charge. That’s why bosses spend billions on leadership seminars: they make corporate life look like “The West Wing,” even though, in reality, it’s more like “House of Cards.” >>

Joshua Rothman. Shut Up and Sit Down
Why the leadership industry rules.

# n-ethno-behav: a (quasi-) long-term persistence: the "big man"

<< Muscular  men  perceived  to  be  better  leaders  than  physically  weak  ones >>

Lukaszewski, Aaron W., Simmons, Zachary L., et al. The Role of Physical Formidability in Human Social Status Allocation. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Dec 14 , 2015.


the big man "mumi":

Douglas Olivier. A Solomon Island Society: Kinship and Leadership among the Siuai of Bouganville. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 1955

# s-gst: modulational instabilities

<< Modulational instability has been known since the 1960s. When you have small perturbations at the input, you’ll have big changes at the output >>

Now <<  it appears that (AA) have captured the essence of the phenomenon >>

Gino Biondini, Dionyssios Mantzavinos. Universal Nature of the Nonlinear Stage of Modulational Instability. Phys. Rev. Lett. 116, 043902 – Published 27 January 20

mercoledì 24 febbraio 2016

# s-gst: tracing nonlocal surreal behaviors ...

<< (..) particles at the quantum level can in fact be seen as behaving something like billiard balls rolling along a table, and not merely as the probabilistic smears that the standard interpretation of quantum mechanics suggests. But there’s a catch – the tracks the particles follow do not always behave as one would expect from “realistic” trajectories, but often in a fashion that has been termed “surrealistic” >>

Dylan H. Mahler, Lee Rozema, et al. Experimental nonlocal and surreal Bohmian trajectories. Science Advances  19 Feb 2016:
Vol. 2, no. 2, e1501466. DOI: 10.1126/science.1501466

lunedì 22 febbraio 2016

# e-web-sec: IoT comes to (hack to) the Masses; the begin

<< Internet of Things, aka “IoT” is all the rage. You know, all these new connected things like Nest thermostats, Hue lightsdigital door locks and other devices that have lights, sensors, motors or switches, along with a small computer and are connected to the Internet.>>

<< On Monday (Feb. 8), building IoT-based devices is going to get a lot easier and cheaper thanks to >>

Robert Scoble. Internet of Things Comes to the Masses. February 12, 2016

domenica 21 febbraio 2016

# n-tech: impact of automation, up to 85% of jobs at risk

<< A new report from the Oxford Martin School considers the risks of job automation to developing countries, estimated to range from 55% in Uzbekistan to 85% in Ethiopia — a substantial share in major emerging economies, including China and India (77% and 69% respectively) >>

<< 47% of US jobs are at risk from automation, but not all cities have the same job risk  >>

<< The Future Is Not What It Used to Be >>

full report:

l'immagine del bot che contempla un volo di farfalle e' senz'altro suggestiva ...

# rmx-s-brain: now you can learn; the begin.

<< You can learn how to improve your novice pilot skills by having your brain zapped with recorded brain patterns of experienced pilots via transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) >>

<< We measured the brain activity patterns of six commercial and military pilots, and then transmitted these patterns into novice subjects as they learned to pilot an airplane in a realistic flight simulator >>

Jaehoon Choe, Brian A. Coffman, et al. Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Modulates Neuronal Activity and Learning in Pilot Training. Front. Hum. Neurosci., 09 February 2016; DOI: 10.3389/fnhum.2016.00034 (open access)

# s-chem: a metal that behaves like water

<<  graphene’s two-dimensional, honeycomb structure acts like an electron superhighway in which all the particles have to travel in the same lane. The electrons in this ultra-clean graphene act like massless relativistic objects, some with positive charge and some with negative charge. They move at incredible speed — 1/300 of the speed of lightand have been predicted to collide with each other ten trillion times a second at room temperature.  These intense interactions between charge particles have never been observed in an ordinary metal before >>

<< When the strongly interacting particles in graphene were driven by an electric field, they behaved not like individual particles but like a fluid that could be described by hydrodynamics >>

Jesse Crossno, Jing K. Shi, et al. Observation of the Dirac fluid and the breakdown of the Wiedemann-Franz law in graphene. Science 11 Feb 2016 DOI: 10.1126/science.aad0343

sabato 20 febbraio 2016

# e-sec: when something smells funny ...

<< why do  the  best hackers  on  the  planet  not  work  for  the  (..)? Because  the  (..) will  not  hire  anyone  with  a  24-inch  purple  mohawk,  10gauge  ear  piercingsand  a  tattooed  face  who  demands  to ... >>

<< Cyberscience  is  not  just  something  you  can  learnIt  is  an  innate  talent. The  Juilliard  school  of  music  cannot  create  a  Mozart.  A  Mozart  or  a Bach,  much  like  our  modern  hacking  community, is  genetically  created. A  room full  of  Stanford  computer  science  graduates  cannot  compete with  a  true  hacker  without  even  a  high-school  education. >>

John McAfee. I'll  decrypt  the San  Bernardino  iPhone. Feb. 18, 2016.

<< (..) But I’m smart enough to know when something smells funny >> John McAfee. Ars Technica. Feb.19, 2016

# s-gst: like a rolling stone

<< Here we report the discovery that even the simplest, oldest and most prevalent forms of evolutionary movement—rolling bodies and whirls of turbulence—exhibit the same body-size effect on life time and life travel as the evolutionary movement united by the body-size effect so far: animals, rivers, vehicles, jets and plumes. >>

Adrian Bejan. Rolling stones and turbulent eddies: why the bigger live longer and travel farther. Nature. Scientific Reports 6, Article number: 21445 (2016). doi:10.1038/srep21445. Published online: 17 Feb 2016.


Muddy Waters. Rollin' Stone

Bob Dylan. Like a Rolling Stone (Original)

giovedì 18 febbraio 2016

# e-law: Mozilla about privacy

::: video link

::: e-mail


date: 17:37 17/02/2016


We can move more people from simply consuming the Web to becoming its active citizens, but we need your help.

People like you and I know how fundamental privacy is to the open Web. There are many more who share our values and would join this movement. That’s why we made something to spotlight the importance of online privacy. We’re creating videos for you to watch and then share with friends, family, and colleagues. The videos are designed to be an introduction to the issues we care about — a way for each of us to start important conversations.

This is where you come in: will you watch this first video and then share it? It’s a great tool to start a conversation about privacy with people you know.

This new video series starts simple: it explores why privacy is so important in our everyday lives. In follow up videos we’ll send over the next few weeks, we’ll talk about encryption, and tell the story of how encryption can help enable and protect privacy.  

Why do this now? We expect there are a number of significant political battles on surveillance and encryption coming down the pipe. We’re going to need to ask people like you and your friends to take a stand. Before we do this, we want to provide a solid grounding on why encryption matters.  

Will you watch the video now and help spread the word?

I look forward to this and many future conversations,

Mark Surman
Executive Director

P.S. This is a new campaign strategy for us and we will learn a lot as the weeks go on. We’d love to hear your feedback — after watching the video, you can reply to this email and let us know what you think. Or send an email to

Mozilla. 331 E. Evelyn Ave. Mountain View, CA 94041. United States

Copyright © 2015 Mozilla Foundation Content available under a Creative Commons share-alike license V2.0

mercoledì 17 febbraio 2016

# s-game: a "Colonel Blotto" approach inside a POTUS election: however, the behavior of individuals is not yet well understood ...

<< A team of computer scientists (..) is the first to solve a game theory scenario that has vexed researchers for nearly a century. The game, known as "Colonel Blotto," has been used to analyze the potential outcomes of elections and other similar two-party conflicts since its invention in 1921.>>

<< This solution enabled the team to develop a generalized algorithm, which can now be applied to specific scenarios, such as the 2016 presidential election. >>

<< From presidential elections to marketing decisions, competition for attention and loyalty is a part of daily life. However, the behavior of individuals in response to such competitions is not yet well understood >>

AmirMahdi Ahmadinejad, Sina Dehghani, et al. From Duels to Battlefields: Computing Equilibria of Blotto and Other Game. Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) Conference in Phoenix, Arizona, February 15, 2016.


lunedì 15 febbraio 2016

# p-eu-bank: bail-in inverso: la risposta

<< L’Euribor (Euro Inter Bank Offered Rate) misura gli interessi che le banche si pagano per i prestiti tra loro. Viene rilevato quotidianamente con un sondaggio telefonico tra alcune decine di banche di un panel. Le possibilità di manipolazione del risultato sono intuitivamente ampie. >>

<< per almeno tre anni, dal 2005 al 2008, l’Euribor è stato truccato. Chiunque avesse debiti a tasso variabile o derivati legati all’andamento dei tassi ha pagato alle banche (a tutte le banche, non solo alle quattro colpevoli) più del dovuto. >>

<< Nel dicembre 2013 l’Antitrust europea, guidata dal vicepresidente della Commissione Joaquìn Almunia, ha multato per 1,7 miliardi di euro quattro grandi banche, Barclays, Deutsche Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland e Société Générale, per un accordo di cartello finalizzato a manipolare l’Euribor. Da allora quella sentenza è segretata. La sua pubblicazione aprirebbe le cataratte dei risarcimenti. >>

<< Senza il documento, i ricorsi sono bloccati: solo ai clienti italiani sarebbero stati scippati 16 miliardi di euro >>., 14 Febbraio 2016

sabato 13 febbraio 2016

# e-softw: Linux Foundation: A $5 Billion Value

<< The rise of open source projects and foundations has been much discussed, but the code investment underpinning them has not been analyzed in much detail. Many of the Linux Foundation’s  collaborative  projects  started  with  significant  code  donations  from  companies or existing projects. Once they became a fully open and collaborative project with neutral governance, many companies and individuals engage in development. Because of that, there is no single source for cost estimates of how much it would take to develop the technology or an understanding of how much value these projects actually deliver to the industry. >>

<< As of last month [August 2015], 115,013,302 total lines of source code were present in The Linux Foundation’s collaborative projects. Using the COCOMO model, we estimated the total amount of effort required to retrace the steps of collaborative development to be 41,192.25 person-years. In other words, it would take a team of 1,356 developers 30 years to recreate the code base present in The Linux Foundation’s current collaborative projects listed above. We estimate the total economic value of this work to be over $5 billion. >>

Jeff Licquia, Amanda McPherson. A  $5  Billion  Value: Estimating the Total Development Cost of Linux Foundation’s Collaborative Projects.  A  Linux  Foundation  publication

# n-music: Montreux Jazz Live

<< A l'occasion de ses 50 ans le @MontreuxJazz ouvre une partie de ses archives au public >>

warning: << No Chrome No Party >>

venerdì 12 febbraio 2016

# s-evol: #DarwinDay: un esempio di fossile transizionale ...

<< One of the many fossils that proves evolution - in 60 seconds.
#DarwinDay >>

# s-astro: 100 years after ... first tracks of gravitational waves ...




Einstein' gravitational waves: first two  papers:

Einstein, A. "Näherungsweise Integration der Feldgleichungen der Gravitation". Sitzungsberichte der Königlich Preussischen Akademie der Wissenschaften Berlin. 2016, June. part 1: 688–696.

Einstein, A. "Über Gravitationswellen". Sitzungsberichte der Königlich Preussischen Akademie der Wissenschaften Berlin. 1918,  part 1: 154–167.

apropos di onde, una rima (quasistocastica) su Maxwell: 1848-onda parametrica, Novembre 29, 2004

giovedì 11 febbraio 2016

# n-soc-bot: in the sign of Turing: the dawn of aware machines ...

<< Ray Kurzweil (..) spoke to an audience during a session last summer about a few of the political and philosophical implications of AI when he was asked, “In a world where AI passes the Turing test, who gets to vote? Does democracy make sense?” >>

Andrew O'Keefeon. Ray Kurzweil on Giving Future AI the Right to Vote [Video]. Jan 10, 2016

a mio avviso una macchina AI ha almeno cinque caratteristiche che la differenziano da un umano, almeno in prima approx:

1. AI puo' essere presente piu' di qualsiasi umano, sia nel reale che nel virtuale;

2. e' ubiqua

3. e' instancabile

4. e' immortale

5. puo' lavorare "sottotraccia"  in modalita' autonoma, anonima, criptica, di difficile se non impossibile intercettazione

a una "entita'" con queste caratteristiche cosa serve votare ?

mercoledì 10 febbraio 2016

# rmx-s-chem-nano: digital alchemy, a new frontier ...

<< Alchemy left the mainstream centuries ago, but one of its core concepts, transmuting the elements, is experiencing a revival in nanotechnology >>

<< (..) how to exploit the malleability of the valence of colloidal nanoparticle elements” to directly and quantitatively link building-block attributes to bulk structure through a statistical thermodynamic framework we term “digital alchemy” >>

Greg van Anders, Daphne Klotsa et al., Digital Alchemy for Materials Design: Colloids and Beyond. ACS Nano, 2015, 9 (10), pp 9542–9553. DOI: 10.1021/acsnano.5b04181

# s-chem: bimetallic nanodot arrays and electrochemical bias to ‘Chameleon’ plasmonic skin camouflage

<< [AA] have developed a way to produce colour-tuneable plasmonic metal nanostructures. They consist of a layer of nano-sized gold domes coated with a gel containing silver ions, all of which are sandwiched between two electrodes. Applying a positive voltage between the electrodes binds the silver ions to the gold domes, changing the characteristic plasmon reflectivity from red to green and finally blue; reversing the voltage takes the reflectivity back to the red end of the spectrum. >>

Guoping Wang, Xuechen Chen, et al. Mechanical Chameleon through Dynamic Real-Time Plasmonic Tuning. ACS Nano, Article ASAP DOI: 10.1021/acsnano.5b07472

# s-softw: a user-friendly computational modeling approach: COMSOL

<< COMSOL Multiphysics® software (..) allows (..) to focus (..) without requiring foreknowledge of the underlying model. >>

<< (..)  is able to link to legacy programs written in Java®, FORTRAN, and C. >>

# p-trade: perpetual comics inside dramas

<< E’ la vendetta del Frankenstein monetario. Ma oggi zia Janet prometterà nuovo metadone? #Azioni #Finanza #Forex >>

Mauro Bottarelli, 10 febbraio 2016

# p-usa: Donald, a probabilistic proto- POTUS' transcript

<< A woman in the audience yelled out that Cruz is a pussy, and he repeated it. he also pointed out it shouldn't be said, and she shouldn't say it ... >>

LesGrossman2015. Donald Trump Calls Ted Cruz A Pussy. Published on Feb 8, 2016

martedì 9 febbraio 2016

# s-brain: hacking inside (slow gamma) rhythms

<< Brain cells share different kinds of information with one another using a variety of different brain waves, analogous to the way radio stations broadcast on different frequencies. >>

<< one of these frequencies allows us to play back memories — or envision future activities — in fast forward. >>

<< fast gamma rhythms encode memories about things that are happening right now; these waves come rapidly one after another as the brain processes high-resolution information in real time. The scientists learned that slow gamma rhythmsused to retrieve memories of the past, as well as imagine and plan for the future — store more information on their longer waves, contributing to the fast-forward effect as the mind processes many data points with each wave. >>

<< The finding has implications for medicine as well as for criminal justice and other areas where memory reliability can be at issue. >>

Chenguang Zheng, Laura Lee Colgin. Beta and Gamma Rhythms Go with the Flow. Open Archive. Neuron , Volume 85 , Issue 2 , 236 - 237. DOI:

# p-trade: Guido Maria, trader, autointervista: ci dividiamo in due categorie ...

<< Guido Maria Brera nel suo blog fa parlare un trader: ''ci dividiamo in due categorie. I matematici, che spesso fanno crollare i mercati. E quelli che intervengono sulle macerie, e investono su operazioni garantite dalla politica. Come ora con i crediti deteriorati'' - i piccoli risparmiatori vengono fottuti, vedi etruria, i grandi patrimoni si arricchiscono >> 8  Feb  2016, 20:00

intrigante nell'articolo  una generica estensione di un sistema dinamico che potrebbe ricordare "movimenti" di tipo oscillatorio ("diastole", espansione e "sistole", contrazione) applicato a una strategia economica <<Deterritorializzazione>> la distruzione di una  norma; << riterritorializzazione >> successiva riconfigurazione/ assemblaggio di una nuova norma che sostituisca la precedente, ad arte distrutta. Per far circolare, "pompare" se cosi' si puo' dire,  anziche' sangue nelle vene, flussi di capitali nelle casseforti di  rustler silvi sadici (silvi sadici- sadici) ...

# s-gst-trade: anomalous economists: CORE

<< CORE (Curriculum Open-access Resources for Economics) ... First, it emphasizes identifying and modeling empirical regularities rather than developing mathematical models from a set of abstract, often dubious assumptions about economic behavior. Second, it focuses on fundamental issues that are connected to economics but that other texts tend to ignoreissues like financial instability, wealth creation in capitalist societies, inequality, and environmental sustainability. >>

Anomalous economists to convene at SFI. Feb. 5, 2016 2:06 p.m.

lunedì 8 febbraio 2016

# s-acad: by Louisa: a good first impression to maximize

<< Here, in the next in our ‘How to get published’ series, Louisa Flintoft explains the importance of making a good first impression to maximize your manuscript’s chances of being sent for peer review. >>

Louisa Flintoft. How to get published: making a good first impression. 8 Feb 2016

# s-acad: visioni d'Ivy, artista: il mai nominato Sqrat (Cronopio dentiacutus), motore di chaos, l'incubo dell'era glaciale ...

<<  La designer newyorkese Ivy Silberstein afferma di aver inventato il personaggio nel 1999 col nome di Sqrat [contrazione di squirrel, scoiattolo, e rat, topo] e per tal motivo è in causa con la Fox. Appartenente a una specie immaginaria, si è scoperto nel 2011 che lo "scoiattolo dai denti a sciabola" non è del tutto lontano dalla realtà glaciale: la specie è stata chiamata Cronopio dentiacutus >>

Scrat. 5 Feb 2016

<< "Quando uscì il film, pensammo che il personaggio dello scoiattolo fosse davvero ridicolo; poi però abbiamo trovato qualcosa che gli somiglia davvero tanto”, confessa il responsabile della ricerca Guillermo Rougier, paleontologo della University of Louisville, in Kentucky. "È un animale dall'aspetto molto bizzarro, con quel muso e quei denti lunghi. Ma ogni tanto capitano sorprese del genere”.>>

# s-ai: sopravviventi: le primavere e gli inverni di Marvin e Roger

Antonio Larizza. La mente artificiale? Serve più memoria. 7 febbraio 2016

domenica 7 febbraio 2016

# rmx-s-gst: similar to the "Brazil Nut effect", a everyday example

<< If you shake a can of mixed nuts before opening it, you can count on finding the walnuts on top and the peanuts at the bottom. This is an everyday example of the “spontaneous”, demixing of heterogeneously sized particles, popularly known as the Brazil Nut effect. The phenomenon is observed in all granular systems consisting of particles of unequal sizes, where the imposition of an undirected force results in random active movements of its constituents. >>

Weber, Simon N., Weber, Christoph A., Frey, Erwin. Binary Mixtures of Particles with Different Diffusivities Demix. Physical Review Letters. 10.1103/PhysRevLett.116.058301

# rmx-s-bot: new ways of moving: a snake dance

<< Snake locomotion is a source of inspiration for technology: graceful, silent, adaptable and efficient, it can be implemented on devices designed for the most diverse applications, from space exploration to medicine. >>

Snake gait: Science observes nature to invent new ways of moving. February 5, 2016

Giancarlo Cicconofri, Antonio DeSimone. A study of snake-like locomotion through the analysis of a flexible robot model. Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Science, 2015; 471 (2184): 20150054 DOI: 10.1098/rspa.2015.0054

# p-trade: acquistare aziende con i soldi dei loro proprietari

<< La BNS [Banca Nazionale Svizzera] (..) controbilancia il continuo afflusso di capitale straniero ( in gran parte che arriva anche dall’Italia ) sul Franco Svizzero (..) [e] per evitare una ipervalutazione del Franco (..) stampa tutti quelli che servono e ci compra tra le altre cose le aziende quotate dei paesi da cui il denaro fugge. >>

<< Con il capitale straniero ottenuto inizialmente comprava titoli del debito pubblico, specie tedesco e francese, poi da qualche anno la BNS ha cominciato a diversificare e oggi il 18% del bilancio della banca (560 miliardi di dollari, quasi l’intero PIL Svizzero) è investito in azioni di tutto il mondo. >>

Funny King. La BNS (Banca Nazionale Svizzera) si sta comprando le tue aziende…con i tuoi soldi. 6 febbraio 2016.

<< Quello  che  fa  la  BNS  é  quello  che  fa la  Cina  da  30  anni.  Per  impedire  che lo  yuan  si  rivaluti,  stampano  yuan  e comprano  asset  americani.  La  bolla immobiliare  era  stata  alimentata  dai cinesi,  che  hanno  creato  per  tutti  gli anni  90  e  duemila  eccesso  di  credito negli  USA. Se  volete  sapere  come  funziona  nel mondo  moderno  questo  ciclo infernale,  che  sfugge  ad  economisti  e politici,  consiglio  Richard  Duncan. >> Lorenzo  Marchetti

sabato 6 febbraio 2016

# s-psych-behav: institutions (lobbies, clan, etc) vs individuals, by Noam Chomsky

<<  It’s very important for institutions of concentrated power to keep people alone and isolated: that way they’re ineffective, they can’t defend themselves against indoctrination, they can’t even figure out what they think. >>

Noam Chomsky, Nov 12th, 2015

intrigante quaestio ... mi ricorda qualcosa, qualcosa di peggio perfino, eheheh ...

# p-eu-trade: Noam Chomsky: specifically, the target of the sadism

<< The target of the sadism is not the Greek people specifically, but anyone who dares to imagine that people might have rights that begin to compare with those of financial institutions and investors. >>

C.J. Polychronio. Noam Chomsky on Europe’s Refugee Crisis and the Endless Greek Debt Drama. Jan 27, 2016

Laura Naka Antonelli. Violenza e rabbia: Grecia torna a bruciare. L’accusa di Chomsky. 5 febbraio 2016