martedì 9 febbraio 2016

# s-brain: hacking inside (slow gamma) rhythms

<< Brain cells share different kinds of information with one another using a variety of different brain waves, analogous to the way radio stations broadcast on different frequencies. >>

<< one of these frequencies allows us to play back memories — or envision future activities — in fast forward. >>

<< fast gamma rhythms encode memories about things that are happening right now; these waves come rapidly one after another as the brain processes high-resolution information in real time. The scientists learned that slow gamma rhythmsused to retrieve memories of the past, as well as imagine and plan for the future — store more information on their longer waves, contributing to the fast-forward effect as the mind processes many data points with each wave. >>

<< The finding has implications for medicine as well as for criminal justice and other areas where memory reliability can be at issue. >>

Chenguang Zheng, Laura Lee Colgin. Beta and Gamma Rhythms Go with the Flow. Open Archive. Neuron , Volume 85 , Issue 2 , 236 - 237. DOI:

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