domenica 10 aprile 2016

# n-evol: the rise of human complex (stratified) social structures

<< (..) the prevalence of (human) sacrifice increased with the degree of social stratification: it occurred in 25% of cultures with little or no stratification, 37% of those with moderately stratified societies, and 67% of those that had a pronounced hierarchy. And by mapping the evolutionary relationships between cultures, the team suggests that human sacrifice and social hierarchy co-evolved. >>

<< Human sacrifice seems to have been largely the privilege of priests or others who claimed religious authority. Watts and colleagues say that their results therefore disclose a “dark side” to the social role of religion. >>

Philip Ball. How human sacrifice propped up the social order. April 4, 2016

Joseph  Watts, Oliver  Sheehan, et al.  Ritual  human  sacrifice  promoted  and  sustained  the evolution  of  stratified  societies. Nature (2016).

<< The scientists (..) found that ritual sacrifice may have spurred the transition of smalegalitarian  societies  to largestratified  onesThe  study  examined  93  traditional  Austronesian  cultures  (speakers  of  a  family of  languages  in parts  of  Africa,  Asia  and  Oceania). >>

Tatiana Schlossberg. Why Some Societies Practiced Ritual Human Sacrifice. April 4, 2016.

more (an hypothesis of a funny approach inside modern societies):  Elio Petri. La decima vittima (movie, 1965)

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