venerdì 8 aprile 2016

# n-laws: nashville looks back

<< Weeks  after  moving  to  name  a  high-powered  rifle  as  the official  gun  of  Tennessee,  lawmakers  in the  state  are  keeping  alive  their  prolific  tradition  of  declaring  official  state  designations  by  passing  a bil  that  would  make  the  Bible  the  state’s  official  book. >>

<< Senator  Steve  Southerlandthe  Republican who sponsored the bilargued  that  it  is  about  honoring  the  Bible’s  historical  and  cultural  contributions  to the  state.  He  said  that  a  Jewish friend  of  his  had  agreed  the  Bible  is  a  historical  text. >>

<< Both this bil  and  the  one  that  would  give  a  place  of  honor  to  a  rifle  with the  power  to take  down a commercial aircraft are ways of playing “political footbal”  with  social  issuesaccording  to  Hedy Weinberg,  executive  director  of  the  American Civil  Liberties  Union  of  Tennessee. >>

Katie Rogers. Bible Could Soon Be Tennessee’s Official Book. April 5, 2016

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