domenica 24 aprile 2016

# s-gst-apopt: a particular form of "orchestrated death"

<< The most aggressive form of pancreatic cancer -- often described as one of the hardest malignancies to diagnose and treat -- thrives in the presence of neighboring tumor cells undergoing a particular form of "orchestrated cell death."  >>

<< Our findings are the first to show that cancer cell death via necroptosis  [programmed  necrosis] can actually promote tumor growth, as this process results in suppression of the body's immune response against the cancer, (..) what is equally significant is that these findings might also be relevant to other tumor types. >>

<< This  study  exemplifies  the  importance  of  examining  cancer  within  the  actual  context  in  which  it grows (..) In  our  initial  studiesinhibiting  necroptosis  in  PDAC [pancreatic  ductal  adenocarcinoma] cells  increased  their  ability  to  grow  in tissue  culture.  Howeverwhen  we  began  to  study  the  same  process  in  micewe  were  surprised to  see  just  the  opposite  effect,  and  this  was  mainly  due  to  the  immune  response  of  the  cells surrounding  the  tumor. >>

NYU LANGONE MEDICAL CENTER / NEW YORK UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE. Cell  death  mechanism  may  -  paradoxically  -  enable aggressive  pancreatic  cells  to  live  on. 22-Apr-2016

Lena  Seifert , Gregor  Werba, et al. The  necrosome  promotes  pancreatic  oncogenesis via  CXCL1  and  Mincle-induced  immune  suppression. Nature 532, 245–249 (14 April 2016) doi:10.1038/nature17403.

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