sabato 21 maggio 2016

# e-art: technoshamanism and more ... the future in music, technology, and art

<< Pollinator Synthesizer. The Pollinator Synthesizer is a generative soundscape, reacting in real time to the bees inside the Burt's Bees Observation Hive. Microphones and optical sensors detect bees moving in and out. Capacitive sensors detect presence and movement of the bees. Temperature and humidity sensors track subtle variations in the hive near the queen. All that data is interpreted into a droning ambient beefinspired soundscape. Talent: Ranjit Bhatnagar >>

<< By day, Moogfest unfolds in venues throughout downtown Durham in spaces that range from intimate galleries and experimental art installations to grand theaters as a platform for geeky exploration and experimentation in sessions and workshops, featuring more than 250 innovators in music, art, and technology, including avant-garde pioneers such as cyborg Neil Harbisson, technoshaman paleo-ecologist/multimedia performer Michael Garfield on “Technoshamanism: A Very Psychedelic Century,”  ... >>

Moogfest  2016:  the  synthesis  of  future  music,  technology,  and  art. ThemesAfrofuturism,  Art  and  Artificial  Intelligence,  Hacking  Sound  (Systems),  Instrument Innovators,  Radio  &  the  RadiophonicTechnoshamanismTranshumanism. May  13,  2016

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