martedì 3 maggio 2016

# s-gst: measuring energy levels inside transitional dis-order(s)

<< Vortex  filaments  in  classical  and  quantum  fluids and  DNA  macromolecules,   magnetic  flux  tubesphase  defectspolymers may interact  and  recombine  through reconnection of  neighboring strandsDetails  of  the  process  depend  on specific  local  mechanisms  that  may differ  from  case  to case,  but  certain  qualitative  features  —  such  as  the  preservation  of  the  original  strand  orientation after recombination — are generic and common to all systems. >>

<< The  study of  these  processes  is  clearly of  great  importancebecause  the  change  of  topology is often  accompanied  bychange  in energyentropy and  function. >>

<< (..) HOMFLYPT  polynomial recently  introduced  for  fluid  knots (..) providespowerful  tool to  measure  topological  complexity of  various  physical  systems. >>

Liu,  X.,  Ricca,  R.  L.  Knots  cascade  detected  by  a  monotonically decreasing  sequence  of  values.  Sci.  Rep.6,  24118;  doi:  10.1038/srep24118  (2016).

Quanta  energia è  nascosta  nel  caos? Bicocca, Milano,  2  maggio  2016

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