martedì 31 maggio 2016

# s-zoo: and now they’ve introduced it into

<< This is a very big predator, and now we’ve introduced it into Florida >> 9:00 PM 28 May 2016

<< One  was  a hatchling  about  a  foot  long  sitting  on a  porch in Miami.  Another  was  found  on the property  of  a  private  zoo  in HomesteadFla.,  and  a  third,  a  10-pound  femalewas  captured  in a public  park,  also  in  Homestead. Finalyfive  months  later,  in  March  2012,  a  three-foot-long  female  was  trapped  in a  canal  in Homestead >>

Nicholas Bakalar. Nile Crocodiles Found Really Far Out of Africa. In Florida. May 23, 2016


Casey Holliday,  University of Missouri. Scientists Find Surprise Lurking in Crocodilian Jaw Discovery of second jaw joint  ... Released: 30-Mar-2016 8:00 AM EDT

FonT: appena sveglio, gli occhi cisposi,  col caffe' e un cornetto in mano, caldi,  e un  gigantesco cocco in veranda, immobile, che ti guarda ... tocca al  cocco sognare ...

<< lizard, an ancient dreamer >>

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