domenica 10 luglio 2016

# e-sec: brainjacking in medical implants

<< Here  are  some  real  examples  of  what  can  be  achieved  if  you  have  access  to  somebody’s  DBS [Deep Brain Stimulation] electrodes.  You  can  induce  mania,  hypersexuality,  and  even  pathological  gambling.  You  can modify  emotions.  Patients  undergoing  DBS  therapy  have  sometimes  experienced  pathological crying  and  inappropriate  laughter,  "likely  due  to  off-target  stimulation,"  says  the  paper.  Strong sensations  of  fear  and  panic  have  also  been  observed. >>

Charlie  Sorrel.  Brainjacking,  Or  How  Hackers  Can  Remote Control  Your  Medical  Implants. 06.29.16 11:46  AM

Laurie Pycroft, Sandra G. Boccard, et al. Brainjacking: Implant Security Issues in Invasive Neuromodulation. DOI: Published Online: May 13, 2016

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