lunedì 26 settembre 2016

# p-usa: #POTUS race: Donald presidency scares him to death, by Stephen

<< Author Stephen King spoke to Ron Charles, editor of The Washington Post's Book World, during a Facebook Live interview Saturday >>

<< If there's one man who would seem immune to fear, it's Stephen King, the best-selling author and master of horror fiction. But after more than 50 novels, hundreds of short stories and numerous film adaptations of his voluminous work, the 69-year-old still gets spooked >>

<< "A Tump presidency scares me more than anything else," King told Ron Charles [..] "I'm terrified that he'll become president" >>

<<  "I would have laughed three or four months ago, but I think that Trump has a real shot" >>

Peter Holley. Stephen King: ‘A Trump presidency scares me to death’. POST, The Fix. Sept. 24, 2016

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