lunedì 21 novembre 2016

# s-acad: after POTUS race: Scientists reactions, by

<< Trump victory generates shock, disbelief and fear of funding cuts. >>

<< Some foreign researchers working in the United States started thinking about leaving the country. >>

<< Around the world, researchers expressed sympathy and wondered how the election results might upset US research. >>

<< Other researchers said they were scared that a Trump presidency might reduce funding for science. >>

<< Some researchers expressed concern over the future of climate science. >>

<< And some scientists had more existential worries. >>

Lauren Morello. How scientists reacted to the US election results.  09 Nov2016


<< It is time for scientists and politicians alike to constructively engage with core issues — from climate change and energy independence to social inequality. >>

Reality must trump rhetoric after US election shock. 16 Nov. 2016


Tim Wallace. The Two Americas of 2016. Nov.16, 2016.

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