lunedì 16 gennaio 2017

# n-trade: they are wasting time and money to save, by Albert

<<  Italy is in the midst of a serious banking crisis, but the government is wasting both time and money trying to save the country's struggling lenders >>

<< the sector's mountains of bad loans are only a symptom , not the cause of Italy's problems >>

<< Italy is totally moribund >>

Société Générale strategist Albert Edwards.

Sara Sjolin. Permabear Edwards: 'Waste of time' to save Italian banks. Publ. Jan 13, 2017 2:45 am


<< le banche italiane sono rischiose come quelle di Turchia, Thailandia, Irlanda e Brasile e (..)  il loro livello di rischio è superiore a quello delle banche polacche e spagnole >>

<< stiamo parlando di uno stock intorno ai 260 miliardi >> Mirko Sanna, S&P.

Laura Naka Antonelli. Banche italiane, S&P: “rischiose come quelle di Brasile e Turchia”. 13 Gen 2017

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