mercoledì 7 giugno 2017

# s-game: on inspired, then systematic and bounded, generation of "errors" ...

<< When a musician improvises, “the prefrontal cortex is engaged, and one of its functions is conscious self-monitoring, censoring your output (..) That area of the brain is shutting down >>

<< Improvising well means a musician has to shut up the part of the brain that would typically be worried about “wrong” notes, enabling him or her to more easily let go >> Charles Limb

Kristen Page-Kirby. Jazz improvisation (and other types, too) will change your brain. June 1, 2017

Sound Health: Music and the Mind — The Future of Music and the Mind.  June 3, 2017.


2117 - la destra e la sinistra di Hines. Feb. 02, 2007

2124 - attrattore cooperativo bipolare (nell' elastici spigoli). Mar.  05, 2007

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