martedì 25 luglio 2017

# s-astro: a macro "switch-like" dynamics

AA << propose  that  a  “switch-like”  magnetosphere  exists  at Uranus  in  both  equinox  and  solstice  seasons,  where  the  planetary rotation  drives  the  interchange  between  an  open  magnetosphere  and  a closed  magnetosphere  each  Uranus  day >>

Xin Cao , Carol Paty. Diurnal  and  seasonal  variability  of  Uranus's magnetosphere. Journal  of  Geophysical  Research:  Space  Physics. Vol. 122,  Issue  6, June  2017 Pages  6318–6331 Publ. June 27, 2017 doi:  10.1002/2017JA024063

<< Stay weird, Uranus. We wouldn’t have you any other way >>

Rae Paoletta. Uranus Is Even Freakier Than We Thought. June 23, 2017.

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