giovedì 6 luglio 2017

# s-brain: to distinguish between reality and imagination

<< neurons in the part of the brain found to be abnormal in psychosis are also important in helping people distinguish between reality and imagination >>

AA << investigated how the brain codes visual information in reality versus abstract information in our working memory and how those differences are distributed across neurons in the lateral prefrontal cortex region of the brain >>

Crystal Mackay. Researchers identify specific neurons that distinguish between reality and imagination. June 1, 2017

AA << results indicate that a functionally diverse population of LPFC (lateral prefrontal cortex) neurons provides a substrate for discriminating between perceptual and mnemonic representations of visual features >>

Diego Mendoza-Halliday & Julio C. Martinez-Trujillo. Neuronal population coding of perceived and memorized visual features in the lateral prefrontal cortex. Nature Comm. 8, Article no: 15471 (2017) doi: 10.1038/ncomms15471 Publ. Jun 01,  2017

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