venerdì 2 febbraio 2018

# gene: inducing pluripotent stem cells from mice skin cells using CRISPR tech.

<< In a scientific first, researchers at the Gladstone Institutes turned skin cells from mice into stem cells by activating a specific gene in the cells using CRISPR technology. The innovative approach offers a potentially simpler technique to produce the valuable cell type and provides important insights into the cellular reprogramming process. >>

Gladstone Institutes. Researchers create first stem cells using CRISPR genome activation. Jan 18, 2018.

AA << study generated authentic iPSCs [induced pluripotent stem cells] with CRISPR activation through precise epigenetic remodeling of endogenous loci and shed light on how targeted chromatin remodeling triggers pluripotency induction. >>

Peng Liu, Meng Chen, et al. CRISPR-Based Chromatin Remodeling of the Endogenous Oct4 or Sox2 Locus Enables Reprogramming to Pluripotency. Cell Stem Cell. 2018; 22 (2): 252 - 61.e4

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