martedì 20 marzo 2018

# gst: transitions among metastabilities

<< Metastability, as well as the transition processes between metastable states, is ubiquitous in nature, but challenges our tools to describe such complex quantum systems >>

<< A comparison with a theoretical model confirms that the metastability originates in the competition between short- and global- range interactions >>

Lorenz Hruby, Nishant Dogra, et al. Metastability and avalanche dynamics in strongly correlated gases with long-range interactions. PNAS.  201720415; doi: org/10.1073/pnas.1720415115. Mar 8, 2018.

<< Several aspects of metastability are well understood, but in particular, the switching dynamics from one state to another remain unknown, as few tools are available to directly monitor such processes >>

ETH Zurich. Mastering metastable matter.  Mar 12, 2018

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