sabato 16 giugno 2018

# archeol: on the ancient turquoise

<< turquoise used by the Aztecs and Mixtecs likely derives from Mesoamerican sources and was not acquired through long-distance exchange with the Southwest >>

Alyson M. Thibodeau, Leonardo Lopez Lujan, et al. Was Aztec and Mixtec turquoise mined in the American Southwest?  Science Advances. Jun 13,  2018; 4 (6), eaas9370. doi: 10.1126/sciadv.aas9370

<< This work revises our understanding of these relatively rare objects and provides a new perspective on the availability of turquoise, which was a highly valued luxury resource in ancient Mesoamerica >>

<< These findings potentially re-shape our understanding of both the nature and extent of long-distance contacts between Mesoamerican and Southwestern societies (..) I hope this inspires people to be skeptical of claims >> Alyson Thibodeau.

New research unveils true origin of ancient turquoise. Dickinson College. Jun 13, 2018

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