martedì 24 novembre 2015

# rmx-s-brain: a model of creativeness (inside a (un)reasonable contradictory) ...

<< creativity is our ability to think in new and original ways to solve problems. >>

But << If the idea is not fully applicable it is not considered creative, but simply one which is unreasonable. >>

<< The researchers hypothesized that for a creative idea to be produced, the brain must activate a number of different -- and perhaps even contradictory -- networks. >>

The << "associative" region among participants whose originality was high (..) includes the anterior medial brain areas, mainly works in the background when a person is not concentrating, similar to daydreaming.>>

<< the researchers found that this region did not operate alone when an original answer was given. For the answer to be original, an additional region worked in collaboration with the associative region -- the administrative control region. A more "conservative" region related to social norms and rules. >>

<< The researchers also found that the stronger the connection, i.e., the better these regions work together in parallel -- the greater the level of originality of the answer. >>

Dr. Naama Mayseless, Prof. Simone Shamay-Tsoory, Dept of Psychology at the University of Haifa, Dr. Ayelet Eran,  Rambam Medical Center.

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