domenica 27 dicembre 2015

# s-age: longevity: 4 loci identified

<< Genetic studies so far have only identified a single gene (APOE, known to be involved in Alzheimer’s disease) that is different in centenarians versus normal agers >>

<<  [AA] found eight SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphismsmolecular variations at different locations on the gene) that are significant for the centenarians they studied, and they were able to validate four of these in replication studies of long-lived subjects. The four “longevity loci” (gene locations) along with the APOE gene may provide clues about physiological mechanisms for successful aging. These loci are known to be involved in various processes including cell senescence, autoimmunity, and cell signaling, and also with Alzheimer’s disease >>

Kristen Fortney, Edgar Dobriban, et al.  Genome-Wide Scan Informed by Age-Related Disease Identifies Loci for Exceptional Human Longevity. PLOS Genetics, 2015; 11 (12): e1005728 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1005728 (open access)

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