martedì 26 gennaio 2016

# s-gst-chem: weak long-range van der Waals interactions in self-assembly

<< The researchers found that weak long-range van der Waals (attractive or repulsive forces between molecules or atomic groups that do not arise from interactions due to a covalent bond or electrostatic force) yielded the largest contribution to the molecule-surface interaction >>

A self-assembling molecular nanoswitch
A possible future molecular memory device. January 18, 2016

<< We find that on both substrates, the adsorbate-substrate interaction is dominated by attractive van der Waals forces >>

Moritz Müller, Katharina Diller, et al. Interfacial charge rearrangement and intermolecular interactions: Density-functional theory study of free-base porphine adsorbed on Ag(111) and Cu(111). The Journal of Chemical Physics, 2016; 144 (2): 024701 DOI: 10.1063/1.4938259 (open access)

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