lunedì 7 marzo 2016

# scenarios among entities of one-time-only dilemma (di ipotetico aciclico "sbricio-lamento") ...

<< As Richard Thaler, the behavioral economist at the University of Chicago, explained, the strategies can be applied to anything: health care, nuclear deterrence, the last piece of pizza >>

<< Game theory shows that in iterated dilemmas, played many hundreds or thousands of times, cooperation is a very stable strategyone reason it is so common in nature.
But this is not an iterated dilemma. It’s a one-time-only dilemma with a tremendous payoff for the winner >>

<< As Daniel Diermeier, the dean of the public policy school at the University of Chicago, notes, “A very important lesson of game theory is that sometimes the world is a grim place >>

Kevin  Quealy. The 2016 Race. Lessons From Game Theory ... February 24, 2016

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