sabato 16 aprile 2016

# s-astro: old, very old water

<< As much as half of all the water on Earth may have come from that interstellar  gas  according  to astrophysicistscalculations. That means the same liquid we drink and that fills  the  oceans  may be millions  of  years  older  than the  solar  system  itself. >>

Nicholas St. Fleur. The Water in Your Glass Might Be OlderThan the Sun.  April 15, 2016

L.  Ilsedore  Cleeves ,  Edwin  A.  Bergin ,  et al. The  ancient  heritage  of  water  ice  in  the  solar  system. Science    26 Sep 2014: Vol.  345,  Issue  6204,  pp.  1590-1593 DOI:  10.1126/science.1258055

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