giovedì 12 maggio 2016

# s-esobio: no Wow! traces around Tabby's star

<< Sorry, E.T. lovers, but the results of a new study make it far less likely that KIC 8462852, popularly known as Tabby's star, is the home of industrious aliens who are gradually enclosing it in a vast shell called a Dyson sphere. >>

ScienceDaily, 9 May 2016.

Michael Hippke, Daniel Angerhausen, et al.  A statistical analysis of the accuracy of the digitized magnitudes of photometric plates on the time scale of decades with an application to the century-long light curve of KIC 8462852. Astrophysical Journal, May 2016. preprint: arXiv:1601.07314 [astro-ph.EP]


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