mercoledì 6 luglio 2016

# p-eu-gb: BRexiteers, on the wave of anger

<< Many Brexiteers built their campaign on optimism. Outside the European Union, Britain would be free to open up to the world.  But what secured their victory was anger >>

<< Proponents of globalisation, including this newspaper, must acknowledge that technocrats have made mistakes and ordinary people paid the price >>

Liberalism  after  Brexit. The  politics  of  anger. The  triumph  of  the  Brexit  campaign  is  a  warning  to  the  liberal  international  order.  Jul  2nd  2016.

FonT: qui si e' accennato alla rabbia dei perdenti,  ma anche di qualche vincente (sempre relativo) quando si accorge che i suoi giochi in prospettiva non entrano affatto bene ...

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