sabato 20 gennaio 2018

# gst: chaotic dynamics in the transition between sleep and wakefulness

AA <<  have investigated how to describe one of the most significant state changes in the brain, namely the transition between sleep and wakefulness >>

<< The brain's neuronal activity depends on the overall state we are in (deep sleep, light sleep, sedentary awake or awake and active), and this is important for how sensory impressions are processed >>

Niels  Bohr  Institute. Chaos  in  the  transition from sleep to awake. Dec 15,  2017.

AA << find that sleep is governed by stable, self-sustained oscillations in neuronal firing patterns, whereas the quiet awake state and active awake state are both governed by irregular oscillations and chaotic dynamics; transitions between these separable awake states are prompted by ionic changes. Although waking is indicative of a shift from stable to chaotic neuronal firing patterns, [AA]  illustrate that the properties of chaotic dynamics ensure that the transition between states is smooth and robust to noise >>

Rune Rasmussen, Mogens H. Jensen, Mathias L. Heltberg. Chaotic Dynamics Mediate Brain State Transitions, Driven by Changes in Extracellular Ion Concentrations.
Cell Systems. 2017; 5 (6): 591 - 603.e4. doi: 10.1016/j.cels.2017.11.011. Dec 13, 2017.

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