lunedì 22 maggio 2017

# s-cell: to control living cells with a smartphone

<< The cells [live cells that can release insulin] were then embedded with tiny LED lights inside a hydrogel and transplanted under the skin of diabetic mice. And—get this—the entire system was controlled with a custom Android app, which remotely turns on the implanted LEDs and activates insulin-producing cells based on the level of circulating blood sugar levels. >>

Shelly Fan. These Cells Are Engineered to Be Controlled by a Smartphone. May 11, 2017.

<< With the increasingly dominant role of smartphones in our lives ... >>

Jiawei Shao, Shuai Xue, et al. Smartphone-controlled optogenetically engineered cells enable semiautomatic glucose homeostasis in diabetic mice. Science Translat Med  26 Apr 2017: Vol. 9, Issue 387, eaal2298
DOI: 10.1126/scitranslmed.aal2298

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